We are experts in manufacturing heavy-duty elements and parts that will be subject to high stresses.

We achieve this thanks to our welding, ultrasound, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant tests.

Our expertise in metalworking means we can be actively involved in the design process and provide helpful insight. We ensure products are developed to a high standard, offering customer support at all times in both designing the part (bending, assembly, welding, etc.) and also in all subsequent processes.

The goal is always to make the best product possible: what is good for the customer is also good for us.

The first step when a project reaches our technical office is to consider all assembly, machining, welding and heat treatment requirements. This ensures an optimal final result, avoiding any errors and cost increases in the product.

In light of its importance, we have considered welding as a separate service.

Our welders are certified in a range of welding processes: 3 mm metal plate and over, in different materials and positions. The company is certified in a range of welding procedures involving visual inspections. Ultrasound, liquid penetrant or other inspections can be performed whenever the customer requires.

We also count on EN-15085-2 welding standard for the railway sector, classification level CL1.

We give our customers the option to receive fully finished parts. In other words, all our customers can manage surface treatments for the part, whether priming, final coating, galvanising, zinc plating, etc.

Some parts require stabilisation to relieve the stresses produced by welding, flame cutting, machining... We offer two options: vibration stabilisation and thermal stabilisation.

Vibration stabilisation can be performed on-site at our facilities or at the customer's premises.

In the case of thermal stabilisation, we oversee the whole process and ship the final part fully treated (stabilised, shot-blasted and primed).

Machining is common in our manufacturing processes, although we do not do it in-house. Lekolan counts on a range of suppliers specialising in different sizes and types of machining, in line with requirements.

The goal is to provide the customer with a fully finished product, removing the need for them to handle or manage the part and preventing any issues during the machining process.

Finally, our services also include the option to ship anywhere in the world, whether to the customer's site or the final destination.

We provide solutions

At Lekolan, we work in line with our customers' needs.

Our goal is to ensure the end product meets all expectations, and we have the capability to do so.

We count on both the means of production and the partners necessary to deliver the parts fully finished.

Why Lekolan?

Our commitment to quality is backed by our extensive experience in the metalwork industry

Comprehensive projects

We offer a comprehensive approach to project management.

Specific design and manufacturing

Specific design and manufacture of equipment or parts.

With certificate of conformity

We provide peace of mind by delivering the relevant certifications.

Comprehensive supply

From performing the work through to treatment and shipping, always offering a robust partnership with customers.

Multisector know-how

We consolidate knowledge from across the company to bring added value.

Quality certificates

ISO 9001:2015 certified management system, along with a series of welding procedure certificates.

Welding certification

EN-15085-2, CL1 for the railway sector, along with a series of welding certificates for personnel and welding procedures.

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